Surfspots Turkey

The nation of Turkey, bridging the two continents of Asia and Europe, boasts a number of famous surfing locations. With coastline o­n the Black, Aegean, and Mediterranean Seas, Turkey offers a wide array of surf spots, making it an ideal destination for a surf location.

Aglayankaya is a pretty little beachbreak north of Istanbul. While the waves aren’t what you would find o­n the ocean, surfers can find worthwhile waves most of the time. Do keep in mind that the water gets quite cold in the winter time. Crowds are rarely a problem at Aglayankaya.

Just across the Bosphorus from Istanbul and o­n the Black Sea coast, Merkez Sile offers very regular waves. This beachbreak has the longest waves in Turkey, extending for 300 meters o­n a good day. Access is relatively easy if you rent a car.

Kumcagiz is a sandbar that is recommended for all levels of surfing expertise. Kumcagiz is a couple dozen miles to the east of Merkez Sile. The weekend crowd can be a bit of an ordeal, so be sure to show up during the work week when things are a bit more calm.

Igne Ada is another sandbar o­n the Black Sea, this time northwest of Istanbul, close to the Bulgarian border. The swells can be up to 5 feet and wave jockeys can access the beach easily just by walking there from the town of Igneada.

If you’re a very experienced surfer looking for a monster of a challenge, Turkey probably isn’t the destination for you. If, however, you want reliable, easy-to-access surf spots, then look no further than the northern coastline of Turkey. Most can be reached by car or bus, and localism is almost never a problem.