Surfspots North Africa

Despite the somewhat unfriendly nature of a number of North African governments, more than a few famous surfing locations can still be found in Egypt and Morocco, which are both quite safe for Westerners to travel to.

If you’re in the city of Alexandria in Egypt, then don’t miss out o­n Mandara. It’s a great beachbreak that’s smack dab in the middle of the city. Yet, for some reason Mandara is almost always thinly trafficked. The waves can be o­n the shorter side, but Mandara is known as o­ne of the better surf spots in Egypt.

On the Red Sea near Hurghada, Arabia Beach provides all levels of surfers with a quality reefbreak. The swell can reach 6 feet, but like Mandara, the length can be as little as 50 meters. Arabia Beach is easy to access, just outside the city.

Zip o­n over to the Atlantic coast of Morocco for more beginner-friendly surf. The city of Agadir has a beachbreak that’s perfect for less advanced surfers. The swell can be disappointing for seasoned veterans, though. Crowds won’t be a problem here.

For the more adventurous soul, Morocco’s Atlantic seaboard also has the town of Safi. This point break can be a little busy, and localism is an issue. As long as you’re respectful, however, you shouldn’t have any problems. With swells up to 12 feet and 500 meter rides, it’s well worth the minor hassle. Look forward to big hollow barrels here, too.

North Africa is bookended by two great surfing destinations. If doing a multi-country tour of the region, try starting in the Mediterranean and Red Sea environments and work your way up to the Atlantic coast of Morocco to ensure that the most rewarding surfing is last o­n your itinerary.