Surf Schools

Surfing is an ancient water sport that was first observed in the late 1700s by Europeans in Tahiti. In the United States, surfing is currently most dominate in California, Florida and Hawaii. It’s now a multi-billion dollar industry that grips our nation and will not let go anytime soon.

Most popular surfing destinations such as the previously mentioned US States, Chile, Ireland, Australia and Costa Rica, have schools and camps specifically designed to teach people how to surf. Beginner to intermediate lessons span multiple days and focus o­n the fundamentals of surfing to help novices become capable riders.

Some surf schools provide everything from surfboards to meals and overnight accommodations. Most lessons begin with the instructor pushing his student into the waves o­n a longboard. A longboard is considered the best surfboard for learning, due to the superior paddling speed and stability compared to shorter surf boards.

Example Prices:

Each class is 2 hours long and all necessary equipment will be provided.

* $60 – Group
* $125 – Private
* $75 – Semi-Private (Instructor shared with 2-4 students)

Group lessons are usually significantly cheaper than private lessons, and semi-private lessons are just slightly more expensive than group lessons. Surf schools that provide meals and overnight stays will, of course, cost quite a bit more. Surf schools that advertise themselves as a vacation package and less like an actual school can cost as much as $2000/week for double occupancy. Whether you choose a learning-orientated school, o­ne that offers lessons to women o­nly, or a part-time school that you can drop by after work, the most important thing is to have fun surfing.