Surf Bag

An experienced surfer, or anyone who just bought a fresh new expensive board, knows that it’s important to protect their ride. Surf bags are what keeps your surfboards ready and in pristinely smooth condition to zip you out from under the qaping maw of that curl that’s about to break, crashing down o­n you from above.

There are many styles of bag ready to guard your board from damage and wear while you’re not using it. Board socks are generally heavy duty stretch synthetic bags that perfectly fit your board for everyday use. These are the most minimal protection, and travel covers are more heavy duty, generally inelastic versions of surf bag, including zippers and pockets. Travel covers are better for long distance transportation, and some will even accommodate your board wax, wetsuit, and a few other odds and ends.

Surf bags come in various cuts and you should choose o­ne that will fit your deck and be easy for you to carry around. Other key features that you may wish to consider include heat resistant materials that keep your surfboard from warping, foam padding that can ward off dings and dents, and webbed mesh bindings to keep your boards from rattling around in a surf bag that can carry more than o­ne. Plastic zipper heads and corrosion-resistant fasteners should be included as well, so that your bag can go anywhere you and your board can.

Transporting your surfboards without some sort of surf bag protection is just asking for ruined boards, and in the long run, that will cost you more. Board bags are a general necessity if you want to surf regularly, and they’re available everywhere o­nline. Happy Riding!