Surfspots Portugal

Unlike most parts of the planet, Portugal happens to be in just the right spot so that its coastline enjoys great swells just about every time of the year. As a result, Portugal is o­ne of the most popular year-round surfing destinations in southwestern Europe. The two best regions of the Portuguese coastline are North Porto at the northern most tip of the coast and Algarve, located at the southern end of the coast.

North Porto

North Porto has over forty good surfing spots that offer something for just about everyone. The highest quality waves are located at both Cavalos de Fao and Troll, but be aware that these are some dangerous breaks that are o­nly meant for professional surfers who know how to handle a serious wave. The waves break to the left at Troll and come in towards a coast consisting of a mix of rocks and reefs. In Cavalos de Fao, the waves are simply epic as they break to both the left and right, but the sharp reefs of the ocean floor will seriously slice up a surfer who does not know how to handle these waters. If you are looking for something a little more tame, consider making camp at either Maceda or Salguieros, both of which have consistent breaks that offer plenty of good waves that are appropriate for surfers of all experience levels.


If you could just quit your job and retire to a life of a surfing, Algarve would make for a pretty great place to call home. Due to its location along the southern tip of Portugal, it is almost impossible to have a bad day of surfing in this region. If you are in search of some professional caliber breaks, be sure to check out incredible swells down by Carrapateria.