Surfspots Australia

Australia is an island continent that is surround by great surfing swells and some of the hottest surfers o­n planet live there or make sure to visit. Take your pick from locations o­n the east, west or south coasts but skip the salt water crocodiles and dangerous jellyfish that can make surfing o­n the north coast deadly. The hospitality and atmosphere of the surfing community down under make Australia a prime surfing location.

Some of the past world champions have trained o­n the east coast at Queensland’s Kirra beaches which in the past were legendary for high quality water barrels from its surf breaks. Sand reclamation projects have impacted the surf breaks and the crowds can make it tough for inexperienced surfers to catch a wave.

Another east surfing hot spot o­n the Gold Coast is Burleigh Heads. The best time to surf this area is during the winter with fantastic weather and warm seas. Visit during the summer cyclone season for periods of classic swells which can last a week or more. This is another area that is highly popular and tends to be crowded.

If you can handle some cooler water bring along your wetsuit and head to the south coast. This is the area that inspired the invention of boardshorts and is known for big wave riding. The most famous destination is Bells Beach and the best time for regular swells is from April to October. Keep an eye out along the south coast for great white sharks.

The west coast is the home of the world famous Margaret river surfing area. Incredible scenery and powerful waves attract some of the best surfers from around the world. This area is not the best for beginners and its dangerous classic waves can test experienced surfers to the max.