Surfspots Caribbean

One of the best things about surfing in the Caribbean is the diversity of swells and breaks that are available in this part of the world. No matter what your current level of surfing expertise might happen to be, there are beaches along the coasts of the Caribbean islands to suit every surfer. Although you can find some great places to surf all over the Caribbean, the two most famous surfing locations in this region are Barbados and the Cayman Islands.

Surfing in Barbados

Generally speaking, most surfers will want to stick to the east coast of Barbados, where the break is fairly consistent as the Atlantic comes in along a southern summer wind. If you are an experienced surfer who does not mind waiting around for a serious wave, you might consider giving the west coast of Barbados a shot between the months of December and March when low pressure systems coming in from the north can make for some huge waves. The average waves around here come in at approximately five feet, but you can sometimes find waves breaking at eight feet or higher quite a ways off shore near Duppy’s.

Surfing in the Cayman Islands

While the Cayman Islands are not known for huge waves, they offer very consistent breaks during the summer months and are an ideal spot for individuals who are traveling with people who are just starting to get into the sport. However, there is a period during the early fall when hurricane season means that the waters off of the Cayman Islands can make for some pretty serious surfing, and many of the locals from elsewhere in the Caribbean make a B-line for this area to catch the annual autumn swells this time of the year. During the spring, however, the coast line really dies down and does not offer much in the way of quality surfing.