Surfspots Italy

Italy isn’t just a destination for good food and ancient ruins anymore. Famous surfing locations have cropped up all along the coast of this penninsular country.

When you’re near Rome, check out San Nicola. This beach break has both right- and left-hander waves, and has a great reputation. Unfortunately, the proximity to the Eternal City and all of the tourists means that crowds can be a real problem at San Nicola. Still, if you can catch it o­n an off day, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Ratta Beach near Ancona is excellent for those who have already cut their teeth o­n beginner beaches. The waves are long and the tide is moderate. Crowds usually aren’t a huge problem, either. If you’re looking for a nice beach break, then look no further than Ratta Beach.

For the experts out there, Secca is a fun breakpoint. It’s just a short trip from Genoa, and boasts pretty decent access. This is not a surfing spot for newbies, though, as the right-hand can be dangerous at times. Localism is also pretty extreme here.

Baratti Scivola is a breakwater/jetty that can give skilled surfers rides of up to 100 meters. Localism and crowds aren’t a problem here, either, due to the lack of a touristy beach to relax upon. It is a little out of the way, however, and the closest city is Livorno. The closest airport is Pisa.

Of course, there are many more famous surfing locations in Italy than these. After all, the whole country is o­ne long coastline. Other than these highlights, regions worth checking out for some surf are the Amalfi Coast, the Northern Adriatic, and areas northwest of Rome.