Surfspots South Africa

South Africa offers international surfers some of the most consistent waves o­n the continent. Most of the beaches are fairly uncrowded, but surfers should be aware that the waters around here are known for being a little more shark infested than other areas of the African coast. South Africa is a great area to explore o­n your own to find unknown stretches of perfect surf, but the three most well known surfing locations are Cape Town, Garden Route and Durban.

Cape Town

No visit to South Africa is complete without spending a little bit of time in Cape Town, and the waves breaking along this stretch of shore can’t be beat. Cape Town offers some of the most powerful waves along the more popular beaches of South Africa, so you can expect to see some epic swells if you hit the ocean at the right time. During the winter, you can find the best surfing of the year along the long swell located along Cape Horn.

Garden Route

After enjoying the sights and waves of Cape Town, Garden Route offers a chance to get away from the crowds for a bit and just enjoy some unusually long rides along Glentana in Garden Route. Be sure to spend a little bit of time in the water at Victoria Bay, where waves break just off the rocky shore for particularly consistent surfing. Local surfers caution that this area is well known for sharks, so be sure to take the proper safety precautions when you are waiting for a wave.


If you are a little uneasy about sharing the water with sharks, the coast of Durban in known for being pretty much shark-free and offers some of the best waves in South Africa. The best breaks in Durban are at New Pier, but be aware that this area can be quite crowded, and the local surfers are not too tolerant of inexperienced surfers using the best breaks. Two other good breaks to check out include the Baggies and Cave Rock.