More than many other sports, surfing sportswear allows for a wonderful combination of style and functionality that is unique to the sport. Surfing is sport that allows for a great deal of individual expression. As result, there are as many styles and brands as there are surfers to wear them. However, there are a few essential items that every surfer, both veteran and novice alike, need in order to be safe, competitive, and stylish. Surfing sportswear has evolved a great deal since the infancy of the sport. Now, not o­nly are the clothes fun to look at, but they also will help ensure a stellar performance every time you take to the waves.

By far, boardshorts have become o­ne of the most fundamental pieces of surfing sportswear for men. Today’s boardshorts have been designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and quick drying. Boardshorts can be found in a variety of fabrics including polyester, neoprene, and cotton. There are styles and brands designed to suit any taste. Female surfers are wearing boardshorts in addition to swimsuits. Although cut differently, female shorts and swimsuits can also be found in a wide variety of materials and styles.

Other essential sportswear items include a reliable, waterproof watch, a good pair of sneakers or sandals, and a trusty tee or sports jacket. For those with discriminating tastes, there are hoodies, zip-ups, thermals, and sweaters. Surf companies offer tide watches and depth watches for surfers who are serious about their craft. Lastly, no surfer ensemble is complete without a quality pair of UV blocking sunglasses.

Surfing is o­ne of the most exciting and demanding sports o­n the planet. Although surfing is extremely popular throughout the world, it has managed to maintain its unique identity. As the sport has matured over the years, so has the need for top-notch sportswear. Surfing now has sportswear geared toward helping athletes excel as well as representing their individual personalities.