Surfspots Great Britain and Irish Sea

Surfing the waves off Great Britain and the Irish Sea is a delightful challenge, and determining the best spot and time of year to go is the first item o­n the agenda. Deciding your skill level, comfort and price range requires an understanding of the conditions present at different times and locations around Britain and Ireland.

For the best surfing action, plan a trip between October and January, that is when the nice sets start rolling in. Although the water is a bit nippy, the outdoor temperature is moderate and the swells are sweet. This time of year is also less attractive to the beach leisure crowd, meaning more space for the surfing community to play.

If you are just learning to surf, it’s wise to start in a populated area with professional instructors and folks to keep an eye o­n you as you learn. Popular north east shore locations like Saltburn in Cleveland or Watergate Bay in Cornwall offer the kind of setting for novice surfer’s comfortable and safety. Besides, hanging out at the local pubs presents excellent opportunities for learning tips from the long-time local surfers.

But when you are ready to tackle the big waves, head to Thurso East, Scotland’s infamous northwest swell that offers triple overhead sets to challenge the most avid surfer. If you crave solitude, check out Freshwater West near Pembrokeshire, where the long beach offers plenty of opportunities to conqueror the big peaks and sweet breaks in peace.

So o­nce you decide whether you want to join the crowd or strike out o­n your own for your British surfing adventure, just use the Internet to check o­n local conditions and accommodations. Luckily, there are so many variations you are bound to find o­ne just right for you.