Surfspots Germany

When it comes to famous surfing locations, Germany has some great o­nes. The Baltic Sea coast and the North Sea both provide some excellent chances to carve a few waves, and the short list below doesn’t begin to do Germany justice as a destination for a surf vacation.

Whether you’re in Germany or in the Netherlands, it’s easy to catch a ferry to Borkum. This island town is north of the Dutch city of Groningen, and is between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. Not surprisingly, there are not o­ne, but two great surf spots o­n the island.

The nordstrand is simply German for north beach. The crowds are absolutely nonexistant at this sandbar and waves can travel 150 meters. The waves are clean and the swell is often 4 to 6 feet. This being the North Sea, longboards are highly recommended, but this is a must-surf locale.

Borkum’s weststrand is a beachbreak that’s similarly desserted. The piers make for some wonderful point breaks, but is best o­n windy days. Like its northern beach cousin, the west beach is easy to find.

Beginners should head over to Klein Huntington. You’ll have to rent a car and find it o­n the road from Wasserburg to Lindau, but this beachbreak is a great o­ne for newbies to cut their teeth o­n. The swells are very managable, and the lack of crowds are nice. Did we mention that you can see the Swiss Alps? The atmosphere is alone is worth the trip.

Experienced surfers might want to try their luck at Eisbach. There are some powerful 8-foot swells that you can ride for 500 meters. Watch out for the thick crowds and be aware that there is some localism.

While Germany might be more famous for its beers, check out the surf, too. You won’t be disappointed.