Surfspots North America

There are many famous surfing locations in North America. The available choices vary, depending o­n the type of experience a person is looking for. The U.S. boasts many beautiful waves, but may be an expensive trip. Mexico and Canada can be less expensive, but might provide a more dangerous experience.

Arguably, the most famous North American place to surf is Jaws, where surfers frequently ride waves of 70 feet or above. Jaws is located o­n the northern side of the Hawaiian island of Maui, and many “tow-in” waves are seen there. The many documentaries filmed there have contributed to its fame.

Another well-known surfing location is Maverick’s. Located in California, Maverick’s is a home to big wave surfing.
However, the surfers here will be riding waves that average between 25 and 50 feet tall. The unique shape of the ocean floor underneath Maverick’s is the major cause of these huge waves.

Surfing is enjoyed year-round at Canada’s Vancouver Island. The waves here vary in intensity, depending upon the weather. Vancouver’s Island is home to several beautiful beaches. Experienced long board surfers are able to enjoy Long Beach, off of the West Coast. Chesterman Beach is another popular option, and includes clear, high waves that rush upon the beach. The water here maintains an average temperature, year-round, of 6-7 degrees Celsius.

Mexico is home to several lovely beaches. The town of Puerto Escondido is home to Playa Principal (the main beach), Playa Marinero, and Playa Zicatela. Playa Marinero is considered ideal for less experienced surfers, and Playa Zicatela is home to annual surfing competitions.

The challenges of surfing can be enjoyed anywhere. Being able to ride the waves at almost any time of the year is a passion o­nly a lucky few can experience, and can be pursued around the world.